A collection of Metal Earth models on a shelf

Well, when it comes to starting a blog about building Metal Earth models, it seems appropriate to start off with an introduction to the hobby. This post is for those that are just starting, interested, or just curious about this hobby. Of course, it might be interesting to those that have dipped their toes in the water, and even those that are well and experienced. Or perhaps I’m just serving my own vanity by thinking anyone will ever see this. Either way, I think I’m going to enjoy doing this.

However, in getting ready to make this post, I realized that it could get quite long for a single post, and I might end up just rambling on and on (if you’ve seen any of my Instagram posts, you probably know what I’m talking about). So to keep that from happening, I’m going to actually break this up into several posts, each focusing on a more narrow concept that fits into the idea of getting started. However, it will also have a smattering of tips and tricks that I’ve gathered through my experience building over 250 models, and interacting with other builders as I went.

The Topics

So, enough rambling, already, right? Here are the topics I’m planning on covering (I’ll come back here and link these items directly to the posts as I write them):

  • Why Metal Earth? What separates this hobby from other model building categories and why I’m obsessed with it.
  • What Tools Do I Need? What’s the bare minimum you need and what can you use to take it to the next level.
  • Where Should I Start? Which models are good for getting your feet wet, and ways to guess how challenging a build will be.
  • How Do I Read The Instructions? What all the symbols and colors mean in the instructions, and other details.
  • When Things Go Wrong? How to repair, replace, and deal with accidents and mistakes; trigger warning: I talk about glue.
  • What About Other Brands? and Knockoffs? What to expect from other brands and why those knock-offs are not worth the savings.
  • How Can I Afford This? How to enjoy your new obsession without breaking the bank.

That’s all I think I want to cover, for now. Who knows, though, I may come back and add some more. But then again, I’m already thinking about another multi-post grouping that will cover various build techniques and tips for dealing with particular build challenges…