Happy Halloween everyone! I’m glad to be sharing the goofy little bit of fun you see above. I really enjoyed wasting time making that silly little candy bag. It also calls to mind what started me on the path that eventually led to me creating this blog. You see, this is an entry (that I just posted) for the Innovatoys Halloween Challenge (you should enter too).

I originally joined Instagram because Metal Earth was hosting a creative photo challenge. And that unlocked a new creative aspect to building these models that I hadn’t explored. Of course, it took the potential of getting some free models to get me motivated, but I had a lot of fun. And then, thanks to the wonderful and encouraging community of Metal Earth builders, I stuck around. I started posting photos of my builds, and participating in more photo challenges, and being inspired by the creativity of others, etc. I was hooked again.

Eventually, I started sharing some “takeaways” from my build experiences with my Instagram posts. Little bits of advice, or admissions of how I got tripped up by one thing or another. Then I added more. And then, because I’m long-winded, I began to have trouble fitting it all in the 2000 character limit. And people seemed to appreciate the details I was sharing. And someone suggested I create a blog. So I did.

Anyways, it’s all history now, and this is me being long-winded again (waxing nostalgic, one might say), when all I intended was to share this photo on my blog. So I’ll close this by sharing the version of the photo before I color-shifted for that extra kick.