Finishing up the Piececool Checklist Update with the models from I’m only adding models that are not already added from, even if they have a different name. I hope this is not too frustrating for users of the checklist, but I don’t want to end up with a lot of duplication. I have noticed that duplicated models share the same numeric value between their and model numbers (i.e. P123-S = HP123-S or M256-G = HM256-G), so if it looks like the list is missing a model, you can search for the number portion alone.

Anyways, this update brings the HP-Series, the HM-Series, and the DZ-Series lists up to date. In fact, I think the HP and HM series haven’t been represented in the list before.

  • HP233-BS🔗Douglas SBD Dauntless
  • HP235-BS🔗Grumman F6F Hellcat
  • HP234-RS🔗Mitsubishi A6M Zero

Naval Vessels

  • HP236-SY🔗Akagi Aircraft Carrier
  • HP246-RS🔗Battleship Musashi
  • HP156-SG🔗Submarine
  • HP240-KS🔗The Flying Dutchman (Large)
  • HP239-KG🔗The Queen Ann`s Revenge (Large)

European Architecture

  • HP241-GB🔗Notre Dame Cathedral Paris (Large)

Asian/Pacific Architecture

  • HP289-KR🔗Five-Storied Pagoda
  • HP257-GR🔗Golden Pavilion
  • HP284-SK🔗Himeji Castle
  • HP259-WG🔗Sydney Opera House (Large)


  • HP273-GS🔗Glorystorm Dragon
  • HP274-RS🔗Hellstorm Dragon

Chinese Culture

  • HP281-GK🔗Takamikura Throne

Jewelry / Accessories

  • HP309-RK🔗Motorcycle III
  • DZ028-NK🔗NWFB Alexander Dennis E500 MMC Facelift 12M
  • DZ015-RS🔗Volvo B8L Wright 12M
  • HP311-KS🔗Willys MB


  • HP120-S🔗20MM FlakVierling 38
  • DZ030-SR🔗NWFB Bus Shelter

Sorry, this one has been near ready for a while, but life got busy. Some additional Piececool models and Metal Earth models have been published to their respective websites, and have been added to the checklists.