Well, I don’t know how many of you use this Metal Earth Checklist, or used to use this, but I let it get way, way behind. Both it, and it’s sibling checklist for Piececool. As it turns out, that’s not a good idea, because it takes a good bit of legwork to figure out what I’m missing and what I’m not. As such, I’m breaking down the process of updating the checklist into two parts. And clearly, it’s the Metal Earth checklist that got the first refresh. I really hope that I’ve got everything on there again.

Anyways, here’s a recap of all the things I missed. Sorry about the weird formatting. It’s copy-pasted from the checklist, and it’s the best I could get it to look. Without losing my mind. Again.

Star Wars Stories/TV

  • ICX232🔗 ICONX Boba Fett`s Starfighter
  • ICX233🔗 ICONX Imperial Light Cruiser
  • ICX237🔗 ICONX Jawa Sandcrawler


  • MMS470🔗 Bumblebee
  • MMS471🔗 Megatron
  • MMS469🔗 Optimus Prime
  • MMS473🔗 Soundwave
  • MMS472🔗 Starscream

DC Comics

  • PS2006🔗 Premium Series Batman Tumbler
  • PS2005🔗 Premium Series The Dark Knight


  • ICX222🔗 ICONX Iron man Mark LXXXV
  • MMS474🔗 Spider-Man

Harry Potter

  • PS2007🔗 Premium Series Hedwig
  • MMS466🔗 Quidditch Pitch


  • ICX252🔗 ICONX Amp Suit
  • ICX248🔗 ICONX Ilu
  • ICX255🔗 ICONX Neytiri`s Banshee
  • ICX253🔗 ICONX Scorpion Gunship
  • ICX242🔗 ICONX Skimwing
  • ICX249🔗 ICONX Tulkun


  • ME1001🔗 Air Force One
  • ME1009🔗 B-17 Flying Fortress (color)
  • ICX212🔗 ICONX Blue Angel`s F/A-18 Super Hornet
  • MMS467🔗 Ford Trimotor
  • ME1002🔗 P-47 Thunderbolt
  • ME1005🔗 Supermarine Spitfire (color)
  • PS2011🔗 Premium Series The Spruce Goose
  • ME1003🔗 UH-1 Huey Helicopter

Space Exploration

  • MMS497🔗 James Webb Space Telescope
  • MMS490🔗 Worldview Legion

Naval Vessels

  • ICX231🔗 ICONX Monitor & Merrimack
  • PS2004🔗 Premium Series RMS Titanic
  • PS2002🔗 Premium Series USS Constitution
  • PS2003🔗 Premium Series USS Midway

Land Vehicles

  • ME1004🔗 1982 Ford F-150
  • ICX230🔗 ICONX Ecto-1
  • MMS468🔗 LLV Mail Truck
  • PS2001🔗 Premium Series Panzer IV

American Architecture

  • PS2008🔗 Premium Series Statue of Liberty

European Architecture

  • PS2009🔗 Premium Series London Tower Bridge


  • ME1008🔗 Great White Shark

Disney Parks – Architecture

  • Premium Series Enchanted Storybook Castle

Disney Parks – Rides / Features

  • Fantasia Carousel

Disney Parks – Star Wars

  • Droid Depot: Battle Droid
  • Droid Depot: Droideka

Universal Studios

  • Bowser`s Castle
  • E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
  • Hagrid`s Motorbike
  • Peach`s Castle
  • Studio Tour Tram