Metal Earth has now added the revamped and updated Megatron and Soundwave models to their coming soon page. These new versions are more than meets the eye just a new paint job. Much more. Not only do they feature coloring, changes poses, and a lack of base… these models show just how much the Metal Earth brand has grown and evolved. The designs appear to be both more and less complicated. By that, I mean the designs seem to be more accurate / better looking, but also look like they drop some of the more frustrating construction issues of the originals. Have a look for yourself:

These versions look to be a little bit bigger, and the sheet count bears that out. Soundwave is 2.5 sheets and Megatron is 3 sheets. Add in the fact that they do not have bases, and you’re looking at a lot more metal for the bots themselves. Anyways, here’s the preview images made available on the coming soon pages:

Sources: Megatron, Soundwave

And now for a status update on the blog… I have built another model. I have written a bit of the blog post for it. But once again life is interrupting my hobby. I got in an accident three weeks ago, someone turned in front of me (when I had the right of way) and I was unable to avoid hitting them. I’m okay, no injury, but my truck was declared a total loss. Which sucks, of course. But on top of that, my insurance company has been… well, awful. Never had a problem with them before on previous accidents (I don’t know why bad drivers seek me out), but they are just dropping the ball left and right. And their “process” seemingly has people who know nothing about the case sending messages based on how long the case has been open that treat me like I’m the problem. Ugh. I hate dealing with insurance.

So, yeah… haven’t had much time or energy to put into finishing the blog post.