So yeah, time for another “all the news I’ve failed to share as it actually happened” news post. I’m probably not sharing anything you didn’t already know about. But I feel like if I ignored it and just posted the next news items without these, it would be wrong. So… yeah. Not-so-new news coming at you! But… it’s just the first step of getting out of my funk and back into building and posting, so bear with me.

Thanks to the latest two Metal Earth newsletters, we now have confirmation that the Lord of the Rings models (that were teased ages ago) are officially still in the works! Also, there’s a small, relatively unknown IP known as Marvel, and they’ve got a figure based on one of their smaller characters… someone called Spider-Man? [end sarcasm] I don’t know about you guys, but both of these announcements have me excited. Oh… and I heard some mumblings at the hole in the wall I listen to that we might be surprised by the LoTR models. Whatever that means.

Sources: LoTR, Spiderman

Moving on to the world of Piececool, we’ve got a LOT of models to cover. They’ve been busy! We’ve got a six more of the basic paper crane models (each made from 2 of the 1/4-size sheets), with this group being loosely described with the term Vitality. I’m not sure of the details, and haven’t taken a close enough look to verify. Too much news to cover!

Sources: Gaosheng, Jinxiu, Liangyuan, Linglong, Ruyi, Xiangrui

Next up from Piececool, let’s take a look at some laterns (I think) inspired by the seasons! Each of these models are build from 2 full-size sheets, and come with the acrylic stands to hang the models from.

Sources: Spring Rise, Summer Noon, Autumn Set, Winter Night

And now for something adorable, or more accurately, six things that are adorable (though I don’t think they would appreciate me saying so…). I’m not sure what the backstory is here, but Piececool has released a series of models under the umbrella of the Panda Guard! But that’s not all, each one of them is riding a different kind of vehicle (assuming you can call a hobby-horse a vehicle) and sporting their own stylized masks! Yeah, I really don’t know the backstory. But they are quite adorable, and quite colorful. And I want them all!

Sources: Explorer, Hobbyhorse, Knight, Racer, Ranger, Surfer

Now that we’ve finished the newly released “sets” of models, let’s hit on a model that is both a continuation of a “set” as well as the beginning of it’s own sort of set. I’m talking about the release of another Cristian Marianciuc collaboration on metal paper cranes of a more intricate nature. However, this one is named after the constellation Aquarius, and the marketing materials suggest that it is just the first of a full set of Zodiac-inspired models.

Source: Piececool

Aaaaand… I’m still not done, because Piececool also dropped the HMS Hood, another naval vessel sometime recently. And, showing that I’m no history buff, I was intrigued to see the marketing materials tie this model in with two other models and “brand” the collection the Battle of the Danish Channel.

Source: Piececool

Still going strong, though with less context, I’ll present to you the Qing Shan Dai model. It has “Matching Products Design,” whatever that means. Seriously, I don’t know what that is supposed to mean, but it’s part of the marketing material.

And finally, we come to the last bit of news… the Lovers Pavilion, also by Piececool. This one looks a bit whimsical, and quite detailed. Also kinda impressive that they made the whole architectural thing hang from a single point.

Source: Piececool