Once again, much time has passed, and during that time, much news has happened in the realm of the brands that I try to keep up with. This time, there are 10 models to cover, 5 from Metal Earth (but I would hazard that there are at least 3 more implied) and 5 from Piececool.

And just because it shows how much time has passed, we’ll start with the Sneak Peeks from the Metal Earth Newsletters! I’ve got 3 sneak peaks here (plus listing photos for 2 of them), but in my defense, the first one was emailed out just hours after I posted my last news post, and the latest one just arrived at the end of last week. Anyways, we’ve got a US Mail Truck, The Blue Angels FA-18 Super Hornet, and a new and improved (not just colored) Megatron. If you look closely, there are quite a few design differences between this sneak peek Megatron and the classic one (most obvious being the face/head, but also the hands are bigger, the right-arm in a different position, the two cannons are much different, and the hip-thingies look nothing alike (to the old model).

Now for a nice surprise, shared with me by a fellow builder on Instagram, I get to share that there are two new Disney Parks / Droid Depot exclusives. First one is a colored version of the [now correctly named] Droideka. It looks to be quite similar to the original, just with color and a different base, but upon close examination, it looks to have a few minor cosmetic differences. It seems to be standing taller, and the arms are lowered more, and the spikes on the legs are more pronounced. The second is a model I know a lot of people have been wanting… a Battle Droid (and not just the head of one on Threepio).

Moving on to Piececool, we have 5 models, four more paper-crane inspired models (sold as a bundle of all 4, or a gift box with 2 of them and some aromatherapy stuff) and an incredibly intricate fan model.

And that’s it for this roundup! I plan on eventually updating the checklist, but I’ve been swamped by work and life and stuff and just don’t know when that will happen, so I don’t want to make any promises.