Hey everyone. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I alluded to this in my last post, but work has been rather rough lately, and it hasn’t really let up much. I’m in a new role, with increased responsibilities, some of which results in me spending a lot more time in meetings, which is extremely draining for me. Unfortunately, a combination of this, and a bunch of urgent, concurrent “fires” that needed to be dealt with, along with other responsibilities has left me with too drained to do any building, or blogging. Normally, I would use building to unwind, but I didn’t have enough mental energy left over.

You see, I’m on the Autism Spectrum, in a category that was formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome. I still personally identify as an “Aspy,” but some find that term to be inaccurate or, I don’t know what, but unacceptable. Anyways, that debate aside, the net result is that my brain functions significantly differently than the typical person’s brain. And one of the biggest areas is the domain of communicating. So, in meetings, I basically have to spend a lot of mental energy on making sure that I’m communicating in a way that is more compatible with neuro-typical people.

The other factor in here is that I found a computer game that didn’t require as much mental energy, but was good for unwinding. And so I’ve been disappearing into that world as a coping mechanism. I keep thinking that I will get all the fires doused and get free of this loop, but it hasn’t happened just yet. So I kept thinking… it’ll just be another week, and then I’ll get back to building and blogging. I don’t need to update the blog. Well, I’m not so sure at this point. I hope I’ll be back building in a week or two, but I felt that I should post an update.

I’ve also got some exciting news items to catch up on that I’ve failed to post about in the past few weeks. I’m hoping that I will be able to do a roundup post soon, but I’m making no promises. For one thing, I’m in the middle of building an oversized accessory for my daughter’s homemade Halloween costume, and assisting my son with modifying a water-gun for his. And there’s a bit of a time crunch for that work.