No, you are not seeing double, triple, sextuple, or octodecuple. Or any variant of all that. Piececool has loaded twelve new models to their website – two new groups of six. That makes three groups of six, two of which are variants of lucky lions, and the third seems to be lucky cranes. I guess it’s a lucky time to be a fan of Piececool models? Oh, and they’ve added individual pages for each of the dancing lions, complete with model numbers, so I can update my checklist to make sense again!

As you can see, we’ve started with the lucky crane set. This set is rather unique, as each one is made from two 1/4-size sheets. Reminds me of the Q-Series, and indeed, it has rather unique packaging (though not quite as unique as the Q-Series). I am a little sad to see that this set follows the “mystery box” style of the mini dancing lions. With one big difference – it doesn’t appear that there is a box set of these – as far as I can tell, you can only get them in the mystery boxes.

Sources: Ankan, Boxue, Fugui, Jinbu, Xiyun, Yuanqi

Next up is the set that made me do a double-take for sure. I was confused, thinking they were duplicates of the mini dancing lions, but they are not. These are definitely distinctly different models, featuring a more detailed and larger head, and some unique “accessories,” including half-(fake)-pearls that appear to be attached in a style reminiscent to gem settings. I don’t see anything in the sections I translated on this set that imply the “mystery box” approach, so that’s nice. There is a section that says something about being able to make the heads dance using a spring, but I do not think the spring is included with the model (as far as I can determine).

Sources: Cai (Gold), Fu (Red), Ji (Orange), Lu (Black), Shou (White), Xi (Pink)

And finally, we have the mini dancing lions, which each have their own page, and their own solo photo on white. Not a lot to add here, but wanted to share the update, since I was already writing a news post.

Sources: Black Lion, Gold Lion, Orange Lion, Pink Lion, Red Lion, White Lion

Boy do I have a lot of data to update on the checklist…