Thanks to the tip from frequent commenter Jeff, I can share with you this new Disney Parks Exclusive that I, personally, had not yet seen. I did a comparison between the sheet layouts of the classic silver version, compared to the layout shown on the back of the package, and it looks practically identical. This suggests, to me, that this is simply a color-added version of the model, though there could be some changes to the etching pattern as well (as seen before with the princess castles going colored). The photos come to you via an eBay listing, and that’s the only listing I’ve been able to find so far.

And, thanks to @AnimateOrange for clueing me in on this other tidbit… it appears that the Droid Depot locations at Disney Parks are now carrying a [barely] exclusive D-O model. As far as I can tell, from the one photo, it’s the same model as the standard, except for being on a Droid-Depot styled base. So if you don’t like the metallic green base, maybe you can go for this one?

Source: Jeff, eBay, AnimateOrange, and this