The only Legends model that survived the demise of the Legends line, this one is practically a must-have. The decision to bundle the two characters together and throw in the car was brilliant, and could only have been made better if they had introduced a Dino model you could purchase and add on to the back of the vehicle. Of course, I’m not really complaining about that, because this model is simply too much fun.

Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of their noses, but that can be forgiven for the many wins in this model. My favorite feature is the fact that Fred’s legs actually pass through the bottom of the model, as they should. Of course, being the weird person I am, that made me realize, for the first time ever, that Fred’s gotta have some beefy calves. I mean, have you ever tried “walking” yourself around while sitting on a rolling office chair. It’s hard to get much leverage / momentum going forward while sitting. And Fred gets to running speed, pushing himself, his pal, and two giant stone rolling pins. That’s a lot of work!

Compared to most of the other Legends builds, the characters in this set are actually much simpler, easier to build. But that’s not to say they look bad. It really fits with the style of the characters / show. As for the car, it’s not that challenging either, as long as you don’t get ahead of yourself. You probably know how I know that. I finish very few builds without making at least one mistake, even if it’s a stupid one.

So what was that stupid mistake? Well, I made the mistake of thinking that I knew what I was doing, and things were obviously supposed to go together like “this” and I didn’t need to check the directions. And I was right about how they went together, just wrong about not needing to check the instructions. It was at the very end, when putting all the pieces together. I attached the second side-beam to the back “wheel” and seats, wanting to stabilize the parts together. But then I couldn’t put the front “wheel” in, which seems pretty obvious in hindsight. So yeah, don’t be me. Don’t plow on ahead without double checking the instructions.

Of course, that wasn’t the only trouble I had, but it was the main pain point. The first trouble I had was somewhat self-inflicted, too. It came when assembling Barney’s hair, and I initially started putting it together based on the outline of the hair on the side of part 22, but then noticed that the printed pattern of the hair seemed to be backwards. Specifically the parting in the hair on the front (part 21) and back (part 23) of the hair did not line up with the parting etched into part 22. It looked like it should be turned around, so I went ahead and tried to turn it around. But that really doesn’t work, since the spacing between the tabs on the front and back of part 22 are not the same. Which I didn’t realize until I tried (several times) to force it to fit. Hopefully I just have a misprint, and the printed pattern is not backwards for everyone.

The only other callout that I really feel needs to be made is about the roof canopy. Mine tends to want to lean forward, unfortunately. And I think it’s all because the support for the roof is connected to the back “wheel” rather than the side-beams of the car. If your connection securing the back wheel to the side beam is loose at all, the weight of the canopy and supports will twist the wheel around to allow the canopy to hang lower. The easiest solution is one that I didn’t really have at the point that I realized this… glue the joints on the inside of the rear wheel. And between the side-beam and the wheel axles (on the inside of the beam, of course, so it’s not as visible). Unfortunately for me, I would have had to take it apart quite a bit to do that, and had already done that partly once. I didn’t want to push it with the tab integrity.

And with that, I’m done with my review of the build process. This might be one of my shortest build posts ever! The build itself didn’t take that long, either… a whopping two hours. You can watch it, in glorious silence as always, in the build video below.