If you like paper cranes, then you’ll want to read this post. And if you like stale news that I forgot to post about, I’ve got something in here for you, too! All of it from Piececool, and some may already be available. For the old news, I’ve gotta tell you about the Shen Lou model, which is one of the most unique boat models I’ve ever seen. And very ornate. I can’t tell for certain, but this seems to be based on legend, and possibly is a flying boat? I don’t know, I haven’t done too much research here.

Source: Piececool

Now for the newer news, and definitely one for those that like feathers and ornate and artsy stuff. It appears that Piececool has partnered with the artist Cristian Marianciuc to either recreate some of his work, or create new work inspired by his work in paper crane folding. There are a total of six unique “paper” crane models (don’t worry, they’re made of metal) to collect. Though for some reason the models are all called “_______ Amulet”. I don’t know why. You can buy them individually, or as a set (and there’s actually a good reason to buy the set, more on that later). Sorry for the repetition of some photos, but some have more of the model visible, while others have more details about each model.

I’m pretty interested in these models, to be honest. Quite a lot of vibrance and color, but not overwhelmingly so. Each ones seems to be made from 1 – 1.5 sheets, and would fill the palm of your hand (roughly). I don’t know what the price of the box set is, or how it will compare to the individual prices, but there is a note in the description of the box set that calls out that there are “little easter eggs,” designed by the artist, included in the box set. Oh, and there seem to be 2 product numbers for the box set, one is P-QYH and the other is P-QYHXL. I’ve decided to attempt to reach out to Piececool to find out what the difference is, since they both list the same non-existent / referential stats on their product pages. They did have a little “artist profile” section which I translated, out of curiosity. I’ll include it below, along with the photo of all 6 models together (and the two box examples)

Sources: Luck, Wealth, Health, Love, Guard, Fortune, Box Set (XL), Box Set