Okay, so… obviously I’m excited. But even for people who are not Potterheads, you have to admit that the feathered models that Metal Earth and Piececool have released are generally some of the more gorgeous ones. Ironically, when Metal Earth asked what other flying creatures people might want, this (and Fawkes, the phoenix) were top of my list. Here’s to hoping that I end up two for two! Unfortunately, since this came as part of the newsletter, it’s the only photo we currently have. Nevertheless, I’m excited. I will say that, whenever I build mine, those feathers will have a bit more character and curving. Also, I think my daughter is going to freak when she sees this.

UPDATE: Buckbeak is now live on Metal Earth’s coming soon page, so here are some more photos! Looks like the feathered wings will be a bit more simplified than in the parrot or peacock models. I imagine it’s because the Harry Potter models reach a larger audience, so they didn’t want to make it too intimidating, but I am a little sad about that. But those front feet with the talons look fierce.

Source: Metal Earth Newsletter