And that’s all the pictures we get of it. The Super Hornet is not yet on the official coming soon page, but comes courtesy of the March Metal Earth Newsletter as a Sneak Peek feature. It looks like it’s going to be a fun build to sink your teeth into, though, with all the panels at various angles all over the place.

Source: Metal Earth Newsletter

And now for a little “getting real.” This news is a bit stale. So is my blog, to some degree. I’ve had the Threepio model completely assembled since shortly after my last blog post, but have not had the time or energy lately to do any blogging or building. Life gets in the way of living sometimes, right? I’ve been dealing with some extra anxiety / mental exhaustion from some stuff at work. Also experiencing a bit of emotional exhaustion from helping my kids through some drama / disagreements with their friends and the related ugliness. And to top it all off, my health has thrown me a curve ball to add to the anxiety (not to mention some antibiotics that are making me feel physically weak). And so it is that I’m way behind on keeping up with the blog and stuff. For me, the blog is a hobby and a way to give back. But health and family come first. Hopefully I will be feeling better soon, and hopefully the review of the Droid Pack Threepio won’t suffer too much from a big delay between building and writing the post.