I mean, really, I should have done this a long time ago, right? I decided to build my latest Threepio build in an out-of-order sort of way, constructing all the extremities and torso sections without connecting them all, just so I could take a photo of Threepio in a pile of parts. Then, when sharing them with a friend, he mentioned the next step (combining with a net and Chewbacca action figure), something I had considered in passing, but dismissed as silly. Well, his comment just enflamed the creative itch, so I went about executing it. And this is the result.

The scale is a bit off, but it was the closest sized action figure I had that was sufficiently poseable. And the netting is the wrong type (should be diamond weave, not hexagonal), but it’s what I could find. I only wish that I could have decided that I was going to do this earlier on, because then I would have left the legs in two parts, so that I could get the calf/leg inserted into the opening at the top of the thigh/knee section like it was in the movie (the foot that is sticking up next to Threepio’s head). Of course, if I wanted to be fully accurate to the movie, I would have to leave out a leg (at least, I couldn’t ever locate another leg) and get another threepio model so that I could have two right arms (the one attached, and the one behind the attached arm). Because, for whatever reason, the bundle in the movie used two right arms. I did make sure to put the head on backwards, at least!

Don’t worry, though. This isn’t a permanent mod. I’ve since taken it apart (honestly, that net bag was not a permanent creation… it was a mess and barely holding together… I used a twisty-tie to keep some of it where I needed it, and just hid that section) and finished building Threepio. He’ll be my next build post, the Threepio from the Droid Pack that is sold at Disney Parks (finally finishing the set). That’s why he looks so dirty… it’s part of the paint job from that set. I didn’t add that, but it seems to fit well with the state Threepio is in during this scene (almost completely scrapped).