Okay, so we knew about one of the choppers already, and the other chopper is in a combined package with the robot, but let me have fun with my post titles! As always, I’m excited to get another space exploration model, so I am not disappointed at all that they have added a Mars Rover Perseverance and Ingenuity Helicopter model, even if that name is a mouthful. And, though we’ve known about it from a newsletter, the Black Hawk is now on the coming soon page with more photos.

The Perseverance and Ingenuity model is rocking a total of 4.5 sheets and listed as challenging, so I’m expecting great things from it. The Black Hawk appears to be two sheets, but still looks quite detailed. Both are classic Metal Earth, rather than Premium Series / ICONX. And, at least to me, it doesn’t look like the rotors will be spinning on either of the choppers.

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