Sometimes things get lost in translation. Other times they get added. This seems to be an unfortunate case of the latter that was not caught on review. Putting that aside, this looks like another whimsical model, much like the Moon Palace. Furthermore, it looks like it’s might end up being part of a set, given that the Google Translation of the Chinese name is “Tian Wai Tian Series-Donghua Wonderland”. Then again, it’s Google Translation, so who knows? Anyways, this model seems to also be in a weird limbo, where it is not showing up in the news list, or on the “hot models” (newest models) section on the main page for Piececool. I accidentally stumbled on it while looking for the tanks mentioned in the latest AnimateOrange news video (which, as it turns out, I’m thinking those tanks are not actually Piececool branded). I went to the “listing” page for the P-Series of models (the main line of Piececool models), so I could filter for tanks, but before I got to that point, I saw this model listed as the most recent model, and I hadn’t seen it before, so I clicked it.

I have no idea when we can expect to see this model, or if I happened to catch it by mistake, or what. It’s “description” tab is empty, but the “product atlas” tab contains the photos I’ve included above. I find that I rather like these whimsical architecture models, personally. It’s listed as 9 and 1/4 sheets, with 10 accessories (which I assume is the acrylic looking stand).

Source: Piececool