So close to fitting it all on one knolling sheet!

Well, I promise I didn’t steal that front Brad / AnimateOrange. I decided to start my next build, and it’s going to be a long one. And I didn’t think there was a remote chance that I would be able to finish it, much less write a blog post about it, in time for my usual Tuesday blog post. So… I decided I was going to post something showing how far I had gotten by that point, with the title “It Has Begun.” Then, the next morning, I wake up to find that Brad has started the ISS, and posted about it, and it was captioned “It has begun…” Oh the irony. I guess the it we were both referring to was a competition to see who finishes first? haha.

Anyways, after having spend a good bit of time last night knolling out the many many tiny parts, and several BIG parts, I decided that I would do this build a little different. I’m going to post several posts as I progress through the build. I don’t know if I’ll make a post between every build session, or maybe every two, but it’ll be more than just one giant post. I hope to include my usual experience / hazard identification / advice for each stop along the way to complete, though. That should make it easier to digest, rather having it all as a giant snoozefest of a post.

So many teeny-tiny parts!

I’m also considering doing photo shoots of the “current state” or “recently completed” work at the point of writing each post. There’s enough detail to this model that I think being able to capture some good photos along the way will allow for appreciation of those details without having a million photos in the final post trying to capture all the detail that there is in this model. And there looks to be a lot, going by my first walk-through of the instructions. There are a lot of parts that seem like they could have easily been fudged as identical, but were made as distinct parts due to being ever so slightly different. Props to the Metal Earth Designers for that.

Also, big thank you, again, to the people at Fascinations for sending me another model to review. I appreciate their “support” through contribution of models, though you know I would have gotten this one anyways. This is looking to be an EPIC build. But I also want to remind everyone, I don’t get paid or compensated to write a good review. I don’t get paid at all, and the gift of the model is not predicated on writing anything positive. The kind folks over there know I will write an honest review, and they are down with that. Because I write this blog, as always, for you: the members of this great community of builders.