Usually this time of year is quiet, but both Piececool and Fascinations are bucking trends. Today, it’s Piececool, which dropped these two rather ornate and detailed models. First up is The Wind Breaker, a ship that seems like it should sink with how much it is weighed down by insane amounts of… well, everything! Not to be outdone, the Phoenix Festooned Vehicle comes in with a spelling-trap of a name and blinding amounts of vibrantly colored… everything else!

Okay, so… yeah, feeling a bit silly today, but seriously… so much to talk about with both these models, I can’t focus on any particular features. But I’ll call out a couple big details, I guess. First is what appears to be an acrylic stand for the Wind Breaker, which I must say is a nice inclusion. And those fin / paddle / whatever things at the back of the ship, those are awesome. On the phoenix vehicle… well, there’s a gosh-darn gorgeous phoenix, along with an ornate umbrella, and I’m thinking a good handful of beads.

Sheet counts for these models are: 11 sheets for The Wind Breaker and 8 for the Phoenix Festooned Vehicle. The sizes of the completed models is in the gallery above, but wow… 11 sheets on one ship??? It’s even longer than any of the battleships, not to mention multiple times taller and wider than them. It’s going to be a beast of a build. And, according to the official specs, that festooned vehicle features 202 accessories, so that is quite a few beads.

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