Alright, I’ll admit it. The holiday season got me good, and I have been swamped with other life stuff. So I’m way behind on news. Eight models behind, in fact. So… yeah, this is gonna be a lot. In no order whatsoever, here’s what’s been happening in Metal Earth and Piececool news, as far as what is Coming Soon (or already out, in some cases). Let’s start with Metal Earth!

Added to Metal Earth’s Coming Soon page sometime recently, we have two gorgeous helicopters, the S-64 Skycrane (which was teased in a newsletter previously) and the S-97 Raider. The Skycrane will be the first ICONX / Premium Series helicopter, clocking in at 2 sheets, while the badass looking Raider is a classic sized (but still probably big) 2-sheeter. Get your conspiracy theories ready for the release of this black helicopter and a massive unmissable powerhouse.

Sources: Metal Earth, Metal Earth

Moving on to Piececool, we have this pair of figurines, which are also music boxes, Emperor Quanlong and Queen Ruyi. If I had time, I’d google up some information for you about the history of these figures, but I’m already behind as it is. Both figurines clocks in at 4.75 sheets, plus the music box accessories. I’m not sure what song the music boxes play, but I’m scared of what would happen if you ran them both at the same time!

Sources: Piececool, Piececool

Next up from Piececool are a couple of architectural pieces. First a larger, in-color version of Notre Dame Cathedral model (with a lot more detail), and The Old Summer Palace. I sure hope they get the color alignment right when manufacturing that Notre Dame model, because those stained glass window details are going to either look amazing or disastrous. And those buttresses are going to be intense. Notre Dame will be built from 5 sheets (compared to the 2 sheets of the old Gold or Silver versions). As for The Old Summer Palace, I don’t know much about it, but it certainly is colorful and ornate. Coming in at 4.5 sheets, it’s probably pretty big, too.

Sources: Piececool, Piececool

And the final pair from Piececool are completely unrelated! Sorry, I felt like the earlier models should be grouped, but that leaves these together: The Black Pearl and the One Thousand Angle Lantern. Like the Notre Dame model, this new version of the Black Pearl adds size, color, and detail over the previous Silver version. Unfortunately, it still features pristine sails, which I really think should be ragged and torn up, like in the movies. This upgrade takes the sheet count up to 4.5, and features a minimal amount of printed colors, instead taking advantage of the stark contrast between the all-black parts and gold-part highlights. And, once again, I show my ignorance of Asian cultures by not knowing any history or background on the One Thousand Angle Lantern. And no, I didn’t typo that, it’s not Angel, it is in fact Angle. What I can tell you is that there are a crap-ton of accessories (536, to be precise) included with the 6 sheets of metal. Most of those are beads, but it also comes with (what I assume is) an acrylic frame for hanging the model, and possibly a magnet?

Sources: Piececool, Piececool

Wow. That was a lot to cover. At some point I will update my checklist with these, but as busy as I am, I’m not making promises as to how soon that will be. Oh, and I may not have a new build / regular post this week, or it may be delayed, due to holiday busyness.