Well, you had to know it was coming. Three more Marvel models have just been dropped on the Piececool website. Along with a couple of additions to the Datang Small Street line, which looks to be gaining at least 5 more sets (including these two). But I know y’all are more excited about the Marvel models, right? So let’s get to those first…

That’s right, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America have joined the team. I’m not sure how I feel about Cap and Thor, but I know I will be picking up that Iron Man at some point. Cap’s and Thor’s legs (and Thor’s muscles, too) just look really weird to me at this point. Maybe they’ll grow on me. Oh, and if you wanted to know how those will compare in size to the Hulkbuster Armor, they had graphics for that, too.

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Now these two seem to be extensions of the Datang Small Street line, at least they seem to be marketed that way. You have the Ancient Academy and the Ancient Theatrical Stage. I gotta say, the paint job on that stage looks amazing, at least to me. I don’t know if it’s the color combination or style, but the detailed pictures are just stunning me. Anyways, here’s the teaser for the additional models that seem to be lined up:

Sources: Piececool, Piececool