CodeWookiee here, and I’d like to introduce you to PrincessPorgie, my wonderful daughter! As a daddy-daughter activity, we thought it would be fun to build a model together, and have her create her very own blog post about it. I picked out the Golden Snitch because she loves Harry Potter. We worked together on the build, photography, videography and writing up this blog post, though the Princess got the final say in everything but this introductory paragraph. From here on out, she will be in charge of this post.

I like how this model is shiny! It was pretty easy to build, too. I thought the coloring was pretty accurate. It didn’t take too long to build, and I appreciate that. My favorite feature of the model is how you can bend the wings to make it look cool.

The ball was a bit challenging, though. Getting the curve right was not as easy as I thought. Everything about the ball was kinda hard. The other hard part was the arm of the stand that holds up the snitch. It was hard to align them just right. The picture of the floating snitch is kinda cute, right? We did that by editing it and painting the stand arm out of the photo.

The other challenging (not challenging for me) was that my dad kept messing up and tossing around the ball on accident! He also popped a tab out of the slot-thing – I laughed a lot! I made him fix that for me. He also went ahead and bent the tab on the arm the wrong way. Overall, my dad was still helpful.

Since you read the whole post, I want to introduce my alien snitch, well not alien. It’s very creepy and it was fun to make. We went into the editing on the phone and did some weird stuff. So it looks like a death snitch! ?Right?

It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to build the snitch. The build video is included below, without audio, but you can watch the complete build process, including where my daddy goofed up!