So… guess who’s been a bit busy with life?!? Yeah, that would be me. Sorry I’ve fallen behind and missed posting about these three models, so you probably have already heard about them. Such is life when life gets in the way of life. What we have here is a teaser of the S-64 Skycrane and new flame-themed Monster Truck by Metal Earth, as well as the Silver Sachet with Grape, Flower and Bird Patterns (seriously, that whole thing is the name) from Piececool.

The Monster Truck was teased a while back in a Metal Earth Newsletter and has just now dropped into the Coming Soon section of the Metal Earth website. Meanwhile, the Skycrane appeared in the recent(ish) Metal Earth Newsletter, so that’s the only image we have so far.

The Sachet (I’m not writing that all out again) is another model in Piececool’s National Treasure line, and appears to have two build / display options: either as a “Sachet” or as a “Sachet Lantern” (assuming Google Translated the pictures correctly). It also comes with an interesting looking stand to hold it up, so that’s nice. Lots of dangly bits, though, so bring some patience.

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