Well, the exclusives have started again. I know there are some of us that do not like exclusives. And there are some that enjoy the hunt. Rather than debating the merits of exclusive models, I’m just going to skip to the part where we can appreciate the designs, and I can let you know where to find them.

First off is the Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel, which you may not be surprised is exclusively sold at Disney Parks (and resold on eBay, which is where I found these pictures thanks to two fellow builder notifying me about the model’s existence). Here are some pictures:

Next up is an exclusive pack-in model of the Ikaruga Ship, being packaged in the Limited Physical Edition of the Ikaruga game being released on Nintendo Switch and PS4. It is currently available for pre-order and might be hard to find in not too long. I learned about this one from a post someone shared on the Facebook Metal Earth models group, but have waited to share anything until I got confirmation on this: the pack-in model will come with both the Japanese and US versions of the physical game. Here are some photos to wet you appetite:

There’s also an announcement trailer about the limited edition physical copy, which I know for a fact has convinced one person to pre-order the game, instead of waiting and hoping to find the model on eBay (because they want the game, too).

I’ll update the exclusives page and the checklist sometime tomorrow, it’s already pretty late. But here are the sources for where I got these graphics / information:

Disney Parks model source: eBay

Ikaruga model source: Nicalis, Siliconera, Destructoid