So, sometime over the weekend, Piececool dropped these new models on their page. And I had a bit of a busy weekend, so I completely failed to post anything about it. I gotta say, I’m a bit excited about these models, especially K2-SO and C-3PO, since we haven’t had ICONX scale versions of these. R2-D2 is not quite as exciting, given that there is an ICONX/Metal Earth Premium Series version. But this one looks to be a little bit larger.

At first glace, the Kaytoo and Threepio models looked like scaled-up versions of the Disney Parks Droid Depot variants of the models. However, upon closer examination, some significant differences can be found, not only in pose, but also in additional details. I also really like the matte paint job on Kaytoo. Artoo does, in fact, have several differences from his Metal Earth counterpart, and they are all quite a bit larger (though not as much with Artoo, of course). I went ahead and made some side-by-side comparison photos to the nearest similar model. Which kinda makes this post worth it, even if it’s a bit late.

I look forward to these models being released and hope to get my hands on them someday (Piececool models are harder to find for a really good deal, so they consume more of my budget per model).

EDIT: I decided to do a rough edit of photos to give a general idea of relative sizes. I had to use the bottoms of the two Droid Depot models to “complete” the Piececool versions, but this gives you a basic idea (though not guaranteed to be accurate, as they were not all photographed at the same angle):

I’ve updated my Piececool Checklist with these new models.

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