Well, the July Newsletter just dropped, and it looks like we are getting another Monster Truck in the future. If I knew anything about Monster Trucks, I might be able to identify this one. But sadly, I’ve never had the joy of actually going to a Monster Truck Rally. Seriously, I’d love to. Just haven’t.

Anyways, being a Newsletter sneak peek, we only have this one photo. But it looks to be a re-skin of the existing Monster Truck model, with a new etching pattern. I’m hoping there are some under-the-hood enhancements in the design, cause I had a lot of trouble with the undercarriage / suspension on the first Monster Truck. One enhancement that I’d really, really like to see is accommodation in the tread design for the curvature of the wheel. So much so that I made this little graphic pleading for it:

Yeah, I know, it’s a bit ironic using the pink version of the treads for the illustration for a Monster Truck. But it’s only ironic because of the overbearing Gender “Norms” definitions that we really need to let go of. So get over it. Also, it provided the highest contrast with the outline in the super-pixelated low resolution source graphic, so it just made more sense to use.

Source: Metal Earth Newsletter