So, life has thrown a curve ball at me. A little over a month ago, I did something (don’t really know what) that strained a muscle in my neck/shoulder. And, after about a month of just hoping it would work itself out, but then having it consistently re-tweaking itself, I went to the doctor. He tells me that I need to avoid activities that have me bending my neck forward for extended periods of time until it’s healed. Which means… I’ll have to take a little break from building.

I had, however, already started on the Black Dragon, by Piececool. I really didn’t want to leave it in a partially completed state, so I paced myself, limiting to roughly 1-hour build sessions, generally no more than one per day (I did one morning and one evening session on a Saturday). Probably not the best choice, but I have been taking it easy. But doing so meant that… I just couldn’t finish my post in a timely manner to get a post out this week (it takes a while to put the graphics and reviews together). However, I had decided to take photos of [almost] every step in the build (as Piececool numbers their steps). So, I decided it might be interesting to put those together and share that in the meantime.

I didn’t really think it would be appropriate to put in a gallery of 54 pictures, so here are six pictures with nine steps in each picture:

And yes, I know I left out a few steps. Some of them really didn’t make sense as separate steps, and some of them I just forgot. Sorry. Oh, and steps 58 and 59 were attaching the wings, and I decided, cruelly, to not include a “finished” picture in this post, as I wanted to save that for the big review. Sorry, not sorry.

As for the future… I’m hoping to write up the actual post/review for this model for next week, and then I’ll either take a complete break, or just stick to some simple builds that can be done without much time potentially aggravating my injured muscle. I do have a few Legends / Legends-adjacent models left in my backlog. Anyways, apologies for the potentially low output over the next few weeks.