Piececool is really cranking them out these days. Of course, that’s the benefit of being the same company that manufactures these models. No need to wait on import processing delays as a result of the Beer Flu. Anyways, it looks like they have three new models added to the page, and I know at least two of them have to do with a Dragon Gate. Makes me think that maybe the third does too, tangentially maybe?

Now, as for that bookend model, it appears to be an actual bookend, with the listing mentioning 8 “accessories” which I’m thinking is the actual “weighted bookend” part of the model, and the rest of it attaches to that. That model is called “Book End of the Dragon Gate,” creatively enough, and is composed of 3.25 sheets. The “Dragon Gate Carps” clocks in at 5.5 sheets, with an additional 17 accessories. And finally, the Courtyard House comes in at 4.5 sheets. And I just realized that order doesn’t match the order of the photos above. Oh well.

I’ll be adding these to my Piececool checklist soon.

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