Stop! Collaborate on Building! Okay, yeah, that was terrible. But you’ve probably come to expect that sort of thing out of me, if you’ve been reading my blog for very long. But, if I got your attention… check out this cool project that AnimateOrange is putting together (and which I’ve already participated a little in). It’s a kind of fun way to do something as a community and create a big collaborative video together, open to any builder that wants to participate. Just record some video sequences (even if you just prop up your cellphone and record that way), and then share them with AnimateOrange, and he’s volunteered to edit them all together! Watch the video below for more details:

So far, I don’t think he’s set a deadline for “submissions,” but I think that might have been because he wasn’t sure how much enthusiasm the project / idea might garner. And from the look of the comments section on the video, there’s definitely some interest!