Yeah, so… sorry for not coming up with fun and playful names for my posts on this round of Brad’s giveaways. I don’t mind helping him out with this, in fact I see it as an honor to be able to be a part of such a kind act of good will. That being said, I’m finding it harder to come up with interesting things to say, or creative ways to title these. Of course, saying that will probably have Brad thinking that I’m tiring of helping him, which I’m not. It’s no big effort to put these together, and definitely worth it for the community. I just hate the idea of dropping the same, boring thing every time, cause that sounds boring for y’all. Of course, that’s assuming you read any of this before skipping to the entry form. But, hey… at least I filled in something new here, right? Was it lazy, maybe? Yeah. But this has been a rough week for most of the world, so I think you can understand. Oh, yeah, and remember to go watch his latest news video and learn what’s up for grabs and how to enter. And what’s new in the world of Metal Models, too!

This giveaway ends on June 10th, at 11:59pm PST. It is open to anyone who AnimateOrange can legally ship a package to (so that means most international locations are included). Please don’t enter if you’ve received one of the previous giveaways. And make sure to answer to the first question so we know you watched AnimateOrange’s video.

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How do you feel about the concept of multi-model sets designed to be combined together to make a greater whole?