Also known as Zhao Zilong and Huang Zhong, respectively, these are the 5th and 6th models in the Piececool Q-Series. For clarification, Yeung is the one with the spear, Howse is the one with the bow and arrow. As you can probably guess, this is the third pair of Q-Series models that I’ve built.

If you are not familiar with the Q-Series, they are effectively the Piececool version of Metal Earth Legends. They do tend to be a bit more complicated than their Metal Earth counterparts. As you can see in the gallery below, they have a lot of layering, and if you check out my other build posts, you’ll see that there’s quite a bit of variation among them.

I rather quite like the bow and arrow that Howse is carrying, though the arrow was a bit frustrating to get the halves straight to each other (hello 5-Second Fix!). And the (what I assume is) fur tuft at the top of both their hats was fun to give some character to. That spear of Yeung’s was annoying though. Not to form, just to jamb into his hand, what with it being at an angle.

So, this post is probably going to be a little shorter than the usual posts, but I feel like I’m getting repetitive if I go through all the common advice on these Q-Series builds. So I’m just going to focus on the things that are unique to these two. If you want a little more in-depth about these models, check out my previous reviews.

Before jumping in to the individual models, there are a couple of things they have in common, mostly around the forming of the hat. As I said, forming the tuft or whatever it is at the top is fun, and allows for some self-expression. But putting together (and attaching) the back panel and drape of the hat could use a few extra pointers. For one thing, you definitely want to fold out, at 90 degrees, the three tabs at the base of the “pyramid” section of the hat, which the instructions never note. But it will be a lot easier to do this while forming that part than after you’ve attached it to the head. Second, the instructions seem to suggest folding the attachment point for the “ears” on the side of the hat/helmet to a 90 degree angle, but it’s actually supposed to go a bit farther than that. And finally, when attaching the “drape” to the back of the helmet, it’s possible to fold the tabs inward, and then attach it from the inside (by either not folding the sides in completely on the upper section, or by overfolding the drape section and unfolding into place. I’ve included the steps in question for Yeung, but it’s pretty much identical for Howse.

For Yeung, I’ve already mentioned that I had a bit of a struggle with seating the spear in his hand. I think this was a bit difficult for me due to the fact that he holds it at an angle. I can’t say for sure if this is a good idea, but I would suggest that it might actually be easier to form and insert the spear through the hand before attaching that arm to the body. Of course, that could make for some difficulty while securing the head to the body. I don’t know. But I was quite worried about loosening the arm from the body in the process of getting that stupid spear in his hand.

For Howse, I had two big problems. First problem was that the string of the bow had to be bent over the body to get the arm attached. It was frustrating, and kinda looks wonky. That being said, I still really like the inclusion of the bow. My other big problem was one of my own stupidity… I completely skipped over attaching his beard. I can’t say why or how I did that. No, actually I can. I got overconfident. I felt like I knew what I was doing and that I didn’t need to read the instructions after having just formed the previous model’s head / helmet getup. But, yeah… the beard gets attached to the face after attaching the head to the body. So… yeah. Stupid mistake.

And that’s all the interesting things I have to say about these two. Or things I think are interesting, at least. Each of these models took me roughly an hour and twenty minutes to complete, which you can view in the videos below. Well… that’s not completely accurate, I stopped the recording of Howse when I thought I was done, but then realized I hadn’t attached the beard. So that parts not actually in the video. Sorry.