What will it be this week? What three models will you have a chance to claim as your very own? How does AnimateOrange keep doing this? How does such goodwill persist in the face of the current world climate? Who is this anonymous donor who contributed the latest models? Why is the hat’s brim so thick? How awesome is the sticky note attached to the display shelves? Why do I keep asking questions? Check out his latest news video for some of the answers to these questions, and use the form below to enter the giveaway.

This giveaway ends on June 3rd, at 11:59pm PST. It is open to anyone who AnimateOrange can legally ship a package to (so that means most international locations are included). Please don’t enter if you’ve received one of the previous giveaways. And make sure to answer to the first question so we know you watched AnimateOrange’s video.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which of the current Coming Soon models are you most excited about? (choose up to three)