If you want some fairly challenging architecture builds, I present this week’s #ThrowbackThursday builds: Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty Castles. These are only available at Disney Parks, and are the classic silver version (new “Now in Color” versions have been released). I’ve also included a follow-up post with comparisons to the D23 ICONX-sized castle. And a comment from a fellow builder who pointed out a mistake in the instructions I missed and was able to fix after the fact (but before the comparison).

#MetalEarth builds 187 and 188: the last two of my current cache of Disney Park Exclusive models are the Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Cinderella Castle. It seemed fitting to save these two for last, and it was worth it. These two models are both challenging and enjoyable. And of course, beautiful. I had built the D23 exclusive ICONX scale version of the Sleeping Beauty Castle a while back, so I can’t really compare the build experience (but I will post a size comparison soon). It’s amazing how different these two castles are, really. But one thing is for sure, having built these back to back, the Disney Castle designers have a thing for mixing asymmetry (at the large scale) with symmetry (at the small scale). Really wish I had been able to get all the parapets to be straight, but it is what it is.

(decided to give you some crops / closeups of what @geewzzz is talking about)
(mistake on the left, fixed on the right)
@geewzzz Here’s a tip that apparently NOBODY knows about. You see how the top window of the Sleeping Beauty castle (pic 2) seems to have rocket fins on both sides. Those should be folded back thus creating the “sides” of the dormer. This is not even in the instructions, so when I say NOBODY, I meant NOBODY. Except probably the designer of the model, who’s wondering why no one folds them back.

Size comparison time! And to illustrate my point [about the top section of the D23 being the size of a regular model, made in a post prior to this one], the second photo shows my attempt to raise the classic size model to the height of the second level of the ICONX scale model using various items found on my desk.