Turning back the time for this #ThrowbackThursday just seems natural, given one of the models. I remember being quite pleased with Big Ben, but then later being confused about if I built it correctly, as some product photos I’ve seen show the clocks as being outset, rather than inset into the model. As for Pilot Droid Rex… I got it because it was Star Wars, and thought it was one weird looking droid! It’s grown on me over time… and now I’m trying to figure out what mistake I made and didn’t correct. I’m thinking that maybe one of the lower hands is on upside-down.

#MetalEarth builds 158 and 159 checking in: Big Been and Pilot Droid Rex.

Big Ben has been added to my mental list of good starter models for people. I believe I was able to built it in less than 30 minutes, and I’m not a fast builder. Still enjoyable, and looks great, but I imagine the #ICONX version is a bit more enjoyable. I wonder why they choose 3:00 for the time. Does it have any meaning?

Pilot Droid Rex is an interesting creature… Well, I guess it’s not really a creature, but you know what I mean. It’s really hard to find a good position to capture the complexity of this beast, I mean Droid, in one photo. This brings me one closer to completing the extended full set of Star Wars models (until the Solo models start shipping, that is) that includes the Disney Parks ride-inspired models. Last one left to get and build is the Starspeeder. Eagle-eyed builders might even be able to spot the insignificant but highly visible mistake I made in this build (and decided to leave, because it’s just not worth it to untwisting tabs for it).