Last week, I posted about a set of “shops” that had appeared on Piececool’s website. Consisting of the Rouge Shop, Restaurant, and Pawn Shop. Well, there’s now some more information about this set, and it is indeed a set. But it’s only part of a greater set, or at least that’s what it seems like. They finally added an anouncement / news post about it, and it’s for all three of them, as the first three of the Datang Small Street. At least, that’s what Google Translate is giving me. But what I’m really excited about is the giant preview graphic at the top of that news page (the picture above is a cropped version of this):

I’ve gotta say, I really like the addition of all the people and carts, and animals and whatnot. I’m hoping that, given they are clearly formed from metal, they are another set that will be forthcoming, or are included in parts in each of the sets. The way it brings the scene to life… wow. And it clearly looks like there are some additional buildings in there, as well as in the other photos that include the little people / characters:

Along with these lovely additional photos featuring lively townfolk, there are some additional photos of the three released models, though still not many, really.

Source: Piececool