Time for another #ThrowbackThursday! This week, we’re going back to another double-model build post. This one features the ICONX Queen Anne’s Revenge, as well as the Harry Potter Snitch model. Bother rather wonderful models, though I kinda want to revisit that Snitch, it’s looking rather lopsided, and I am a bit of a perfectionist, after all.

#MetalEarth builds 171 and 172: The ICONX Queen Anne’s Revenge and the Golden Snitch.

The Revenge has to be my favorite ship that I have built yet. There are so many details to this one, it becomes hard to take them all in. From the figurehead at the bow (yeah, I know it has a real name, but heck if I can recall what it is) to the dangling lantern at the stem. Or the extra sail way out front to the triangle sail somewhat hidden at the back. The multiple layers of rigging (it whatever you call the meeting going up the sides), to the additional lanterns affixed to the railings all around. And don’t forget the well finished stern of this boat, along with an attached base that doesn’t let the thing tip over at the slightest bump (I’m looking at you, Black Pearl). Just a great build all around!

I have finally named the last model I needed to complete my Harry Potter collection (for now… I heard some rumors of that line being expanded at some point…). This model is both a quick and challenging build. It’s fairly straight forward, and I love the way the stand is connected to the Snitch. But I tell you, making spheres out of flat materials is no easy task. I thought I had done a good job, until I saw that straight on photo I took. Ouch. Couple that with my difficulties in shaping the wings with the same curves between both, and this looks like a Snitch that was kept in a bottle of Alcoholic Butter Beer. But if you’re not looking to closely, it looks pretty good! I wish I had thought to etch the words into the model before building it, but I can always get another one to do that with at some point, right?