So, this weeks #ThrowbackThursday post is going to be a little different. I felt like putting something fun and uplifting out there, to brighten up these moody times a little. So it seemed appropriate to pull together some photos from three old instagram posts that feature a tiny Groot and a giant Rocket Racoon. Explanations (in the form of instagram captions) will follow the gallery… along with an augmented collage way down below that.

[Instagram caption for first photo in gallery]

#MetalEarth build 151: Groot from the #Legends line. I decided to do a nice little non-invasive mod on this one, if you can’t tell. I guess it’s more of a display than a mod? Anyways, to keep things a little more secure, the pot is not full of dirt – I glued the dirt to a piece of card stock (actually a circle cut out of the Silver Dragon ICONX box) and attached a neodymium magnet to the underside of that, then wedged it into the pot. It holds fairly well, and I got the pot for supper cheap.

And as a bonus, when I arrived to add it to my collection at work, I found a lovely handwritten note on my desk this morning from the cleaning lady saying that she loved my collection of models.. Add that to the fact that I was able to complete my entry for the newsletter photo contest (which ironically didn’t feature the pot), and bring in a new and fun model, and today has started off pretty darn well!

[Instagram caption for the rest of the photos in the gallery]

Been holding off on sharing these photos until the Newsletter Photo Challenge ended. These are a few of the better results from the photo shoot. Absolutely love how they turned out! Big thanks again to my best friend who modeled in the photo as Rocket, and his wife, @studionekoneko, who built Rocket from scratch, and contributed some help with posing and angle suggestions!

[Instagram caption for the collage photo]

This was the official entry photo for the Newsletter Contest. Seeing as the theme was out of this world, I decided to tweak the backgrounds, which turned it much better than I was expecting. Replacing the backgrounds behind furry things is not easy or elegant.