Piececool dropped three new models recently, all in a shopping theme, if you excuse me categorizing the Restaurant model as shopping to simplify the idea. Honestly, though, I’d be kinda hard-pressed to figure out which was which just from looking at them. To help out, the models in the image above and gallery below are, in order, the Pawn Shop, Restaurant, and Rouge Shop (which I assume means Makeup Shop?). Makes me think of the other Asian brands that have done little shops… but these are not little. They are built from 5, 4.25, and 4.5 ICONX-scale sheets, respectively. And are approximately 12x11x11.5cm, 13×8.5×9.5cm, 12x10x10cm, respectively, in size when completed. That’s roughly 6 x 5 x 5 inches for us weirdo’s in the US who use a nonsensical measurement system.

I’ve updated the Piececool checklist, as usual. Unfortunately these don’t have dates yet, and the graphics above are all that are available at the time of posting. You can check the source links below if you see this later on, as there will probably be more pictures posted eventually.

Sources: Piececool, Piececool, Piececool.