What is with this AnimateOrange guy? The last giveaway entry period is not even over, and he’s already doing another giveaway? What a kook! Or, maybe he’s just a really nice guy. Yeah, definitely a really nice guy. He didn’t even want to ask me to help him out again, but I insisted. Because he’s such a nice guy. So, if you really like , and especially s, then you should head over to watch this week’s news video on AnimateOrange’s YouTube channel (this week being 3/27/2020). And, you should probably subscribe to his channel while you are there. You know, in case he does any more giveaways *wink wink*. Oh, and I left those blanks up there to help build suspense. Because I’m that kind of weird.

Anyways, here’s the form for this new giveaway. Same sort of guidelines as last time: only open to people who have access to a US address (meaning, if you have someone willing to redirect it to you, and they have an address in the US, then you can enter with their address). Don’t abuse the entries: only once per person, please. You’ll get the question you need to answer from the video. Oh, and the entry deadline for this one is 11:59pm PST, April 1st (no, this is not an April Fools joke, that’s just how the dates fell, alright?).

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Did you watch AnimateOrange's news video this week?