Got a short #ThrowbackThursday post this week. Found myself running behind and didn’t have a lot of time to scroll through and find one with a decent level of “review” attributes. But I did find this one, and I really like both of the models here, especially that Penny Farthing – such a unique model. Hope you enjoy!

Two more finished models arrived at work today, the Spirit of Saint Louis, and a Penny Farthing.

I really enjoyed the build of the Spirit, especially the inclusion of a curve to the wing, and the details around the engine cowling (haven’t yet tried to figure out what they are, but they look cool). I also enjoyed the fact that the tail section was much easier to form than some of the other aviation models. It wasn’t until it arrived here at work that I started wondering just where the front window was…

And on the Bike, I decided to do the handlebars a little different than the instructions suggest. Originally, I built it as designed, but I had to look up photos, cause I couldn’t imagine how people could keep their balance with the handlebars so low. And so I found that there were several forms of handlebars for the Penny Farthing, and decided I liked the kind that seemed designed to have a bump in them to allow for knees. So amusing. And I absolutely love the construction on the spokes, brilliantly designed!