Man, I feel blessed. Blessed by this awesome community, and the friendships it has brought with it. I never would have guessed, while building Bumblebee – my very first model, that it would lead to me joining Instagram, befriending many other builders, including a YouTuber named AnimateOrange, and eventually creating my own blog (thanks in part to the encouragement of AnimateOrange himself). And now, here I am, able to help him out with a fun giveaway to help bring light and joy in these dark and depressing times of pandemic and quarantine.

Alright, so you probably don’t want to hear me babble on about this awesome community. You’re probably focused on that giveaway word, eh? I don’t blame you. But this isn’t my giveaway, so you’ll have to go over and >>> watch AnimateOrange’s video <<<, right now! Of course, you’ll be back here afterward to enter the giveaway (unless you started there and came here, in which case you don’t need to go back there and return here, you’ll just stay here and fill out the form below).

For those of you that left and are now returning… just do what the parenthetical instructed above… fill out the form below, entering the scavenger hunt items, your name, email, and address info (for contact purposes, and for sending the prizes). Oh, and as far as I understand, the contest is only open to people with US Addresses (or with friend’s with US Addresses that can receive any items on your behalf and send them on to you. Entries must be received by 11:59pm on March 29th, and winners will be announced in a followup video by AnimateOrange. And for some reason, I feel like I have to say “No Purchase Necessary”.

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