Man, I really was paranoid about spamming my Facebook timeline with these posts back in the day. For this one, I combined three builds into a single post, all exclusive models from Disney Parks. I also compared them to other models in a followup post, from which I’ve included some pictures. Also, going back to some of the earlier posts is really helping me realize how much I’ve improved my photography skills through this hobby. lol

#MetalEarth builds 166-168: a mini Disney Parks collection consisting of the smaller version of the Disneyland Main Entrance Sign, the Disney Parks Monorail, and the Way Disney World Main Entrance Gate.

The smaller version of the Disneyland sign is very similar to the D23-exclusive version (in fact, it confusingly has the same exact model number), but instead of each individual letter being a raised panel, they are all on a joined raised panel, and the whole thing is just slightly smaller (the large one is asking work, so I wasn’t able to get a comparison photo at this time).

The Monorail is a fun little build; it’s a two-sheeter, but builds quickly. It’s been years since I’ve been to a Disney Park, so I don’t know if there is any significance to it, but I found it interesting that the back panel is wide open in the model. I wish t had done better with the windshield on the front, I’m not sure how I managed to create those little pokey points in it.

Finally, there is the Disney World gate – wow is this one bigger (well, wider, really) than I was expecting. I’m curious to see if it’s as wide as the submarine is long. Great little details in this model, including the fact that the Y in Disney overlaps the Happiest Place on Earth ribbon, but the end of the ribbon overlap the raised panel that hosts the Walt Disney World text… that’s a bit of fun/challenge to put together.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post…

First, a proper size comparison photo of the Disneyland signs.

Second, a comparison and correction: the smaller version does not actually have raised letters, my eyes were just tricked (I finished that model the previous weekend and had forgot already) by the expertly applied laser etching.

Finally, the evidence that the German U-Boat continues to hold the “Widest/Longest Non-ICONX Metal Earth Model I’ve Built So Far” title by a nose.