For this week, on #ThrowbackThursday, I’ve decided to revisit a model I posted before I even did very much in the way of reviewing in my posts. Why? Because I love this model, and am quite sad that it’s next to impossible to find anymore. Maybe if some more interest were expressed in this model, Disney Parks might bring it back into circulation?

I spent more on this model than I spent on any other model, but it was worth it. This is the Limited Edition Sleeping Beauty model, which was originally released as a D23 Exclusive, but later appeared for sale at the Bank in Disneyland. Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near Disneyland. Fortunately, @olga_themetalearthbuilder was kind enough to buy one for me by proxy, along with the Disneyland Sign [2-sheet version, as opposed to the 1-sheet version that is available now] I shared in a previous post.

This beauty is a great build, huge, and gorgeous. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it even includes the walking path through the castle, as seen in the park itself. I’m also amazed that all the spires and flags survived the build process, because I am clumsy, and a lot of them were attached to the model early on in the build. I’m also proud to say that I managed to build this one without any glue (just ignore the Bobble Head Effect on the highest tower if you ever see my build in person)!