I promise, I’m not trickling these out so that I have more blog posts. I wouldn’t do that to you. I just have been getting more photos as the days go by, and not wanting to hold them back. I know I’m excited about these models, and apparently y’all are, too!

For this photo set, a new anonymous birdie reached out to me and offered them. This is not an insider, but someone who knew someone who was at the NYTF. Anyways, one thing I really like about this set is that it has a big-picture shot, showing the whole booth, and a few shots showing the display cases as a whole (or almost whole). But there were also a couple of shots that gave new angles and higher resolution views of some of the airplanes and other non-Star Wars models.

Yes… I did blur out one of those models out. I hadn’t seen any other pictures of that particular model, and I checked with my contact and found out that it was a prototype, in a rather early stage. As such, I felt it would be best to not include it, until such time as it was more finished and more likely to actually come out. Note: my contact called this one a prototype, while the Kawasaki Ninja to it’s right was referred to as a first sample.

As amends for not including that model, I’ve gone ahead and cropped some of these individual models in for a closer view for you. These aren’t actually additional pictures, but when I upload pictures, it resizes them to a maximum size. So by copying these individual models out on their own before uploading, I can share them at the full resolution that they were provided to me at. Also, I feel sheepish. I called out the Warhawk as an unknown model, but it was shared a while back in the Metal Earth Newsletter. I even wrote a post about it!

Thanks again to my birdies!