A little birdie shared a few more photos with me. And I was thinking I would just add any additional photos I got to that last post. But this set of photos added in some more models that weren’t included in the last set. So they are getting their own post. This post is featuring some airplane models that I had seen a blurry photo of from the earlier German toy show source, but had not seen confirmed at the NYTF, alongside some additional photos of known models. Edit: Oh, and now there’s a nice second set of photos the birdie decided to share. Scroll further for that set.

You’ve got the Lockheed U-2, the P-40 Warhawk, and the Premium Series/ICONX Tuskegee Airman P-51D Mustang as the new airplanes. Mixed in with those airplanes are the Tri-Wing Fokker and the Osprey. Following that, we have some photos that provide a bit of scale-reference for several of the newer models we know about now, but near models we’ve all seen a bit of. Which reveals that Stormbreaker is much larger than I expected, as is the Infinity Gauntlet. Deadpool appears to be almost half as tall again as Iron Man. And that Hogwarts Castle in Snow is quite sprawling, but is somehow a little smaller than I thought it was going to be. Of course, that just means there’s that much more detail. Tiny detail, but detail.

Edit: and now I’ve gotten a few more photos. I asked if the birdie could help me get a few more shots of the Terminator model, cause I wanted to try to absorb the details. Careful what you ask for… I got a ton! I also got another shot of the Motorbike, which turns out to be a Kawasaki Ninja. The birdie did ask me to mention that it’s a first sample, a term I believe means that it’s the very first metal-print of it, and they haven’t been able to implement any revisions or improvements based on how the sample print turned out. Personally, I think it turned out pretty amazing. Oh, and make sure to scroll all the way down so you can see just how huge that Terminator model is.

Thanks again to that little birdie that shares some inside information with me from time to time!