Hogwarts Castle and Stormbreaker dropping into Coming Soon on the same day? I knew I sensed a disturbance in the Metal Model Hobby, as if hundreds of individuals were greatly pleased. Oh, and they’ve added the Osprey that was teased in the Newsletter. Which is still cool, don’t get me wrong. It’s just in the shadow of two rather sizable Fandoms at the moment.

Oh man, I am excited to see this actually happening! And given it’s popularity in my “what do you want” poll, I’m thinking you are probably excited, too! It must have been a hard job deciding which elements from which movie renditions of the castle to include, but I’m not disappointed, that’s for sure! This beauty is a four sheet Premium Series (ICONX) model, which is not that surprising when you get in there and notice all the details, such as the courtyards, dormer windows, buttress-like-pillars, etc. And, being a fan of snow, I’m rather fond of the decision to make it a mid-winter rendition of the Castle. At least, that’s what I’m thinking is going on here with all the white.

Stormbreaker! Wowzers, that thing looks like it means business. It’s rather solid looking, and I like how they layered the handle wrapping around the head. I’m also quite amused at how they used the additional pictures to show how many display options you have. And I also like how they thought to make the stand/base as versatile for displaying it in so many ways. I’m very much looking forward to building this one.

And finally, we wrap with the additional photos of the V-22 Osprey, with the surprising detail that there are a few, quite restrained, highlights of color on this model. I’m hoping this is an acceptable compromise for those silver-purists out there. It looks to be the soft-inking style that was used with the P-51D Sweet Arlene and the Star Destroyer, which is also a rather resilient coloring method. Unfortunately, it does not look like the angle of the rotor assemblies will be [easily] customizable.

As usual, the checklist will be updated.

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