Bridging the gap (or ocean, in this case) I’m going to drop a quick post here about 3 new models. That includes one new model being teased in the Metal Earth Newsletter for December, and two variations of the same model that have trickled onto the Piececool website. Thus we have the V-22 Osprey and the Dancing Lion (in both Red and Gold). Can’t say that I was ever expecting fur on a metal model. Now to the details, but in reverse!

I’ve been holding off on posting about the Dancing Lion models, as the details have been trickling out over the weekend, first with a banner photo of the two variants, but only a page for the Gold, and a single photo in there. Then a packaging photo added tothe page for the Gold, then a page added for the Red, with one product photo and one packaging photo. Seemed like it would be a good idea to wait until they released more photos. Oh well, I’ll update this post when more photos become available. Personally, I’m gravitating towards the Red version (as identified by the red fur.; the Gold version is the one with the white fur)

As for the Osprey, we have only the one photo, and it’s been stylized a bit (I don’t know about you, but I’m not convinced that those props will actually spin). Very cool to see a hybrid helicopter/plane model. I wonder if you’ll have the option to build it in either orientation?

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