Well, I tried to wait to see if more was coming, but they’ve not updated the site since AnimateOrange pointed out that they had half-dropped a new Model on the Piececool website. I say half-dropped, because this Er-Lang God (seriously, that’s the English name) model has one and only one photo on the product page. And barely any text. And no associated “New spy” news post. I did find that the graphic for the homepage banner did seem to have a little more of the model showing (and a little less, too), so I pulled that graphic down and cropped it to just the relevant part.

However, even with just that, I am quite interested in this model. I’m also amazed that it’s just 4 and a half sheets, with some accessories. It looks like it should be at least a few more sheets worth, given all the detail and layering. Finished size is supposed to be 28 x 7.5 x 19.5 cm, too.

EDIT: The news spy post for this model has been published. Release date is set at December 15th, and a few new photos are available now. It’s nice to be able to see the full headdress, and clear feet. I’m wondering if this has a stand, or how well it can balance on it’s toes like that… Anyways, the additional photos are below.

If you use my checklist, you can look forward to this model being added soon.

Source: Piececool