Yep, that’s right. Just in time to probably miss Christmas (in the US), we are going to see two new Piececool models: the operatic Huadan (Yang Gief) and the Merry Go Around. Only Huadan has a release date posted, which is Dec 5th. But the one I’m more excited about is the Merry Go Around, which doesn’t have a date, but does have a description that claims it will “rotate and move up and down with cheerful music” (thank you Google Translate). I’m very curious to see what kind of motion effects will be seen in this, and love the continued efforts towards innovation in the Metal Model scene.

Starting with Huadan, it is build from 4 sheets, and will be about 9 x 7.5 x 19.5 cm when built. It also says something about 553 accessories, which I’m guessing are the beads or dangley things you see on the model. Gotta say that hand holding the fan kinda creeps me out.

Next is the Merry Go Round, registering 4 and 3/4 sheets and 12 accessories. When built, it is supposed to be around 11.5 x 11.5 x 15 cm. This think appears to be full of bling, and quite vibrant in it’s colors. Hopefully they will post a news/release-date thingy soon, and maybe include an animated gif showing the movements.

As always, I’ll be updating my checklist with all this information.

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