I knew the Coming Soon section couldn’t stay empty for all that long. Looks like we are getting two new Aviation models, one terrestrial, and one space-bound. And I do want to emphasize new, because you might think that the Space Shuttle Discovery is just a colored version of the classic silver model, but you’d be wrong. This new model is two sheets, and much improved (IMHO). As for the Tri-Wing Fokker (Baron Von Richthofen’s, to be specific), obviously that’s new. And now it makes me want to see a Snoopy flying his dog-house in full aviator garb as a future model. Just sayin’. Anyways, on to the pictures. All two of them! Which are just higher res versions of the above!

Yeah, there’s not much to go on here. I’ve noticed a tendency, of late, to post a single photo of the models for the initial appearance in the Coming Soon section, and to have the additional angles and 360 view show up later on, closer to the launch of the product. However, since the Space Shuttle seems like an update, I went and found that the classic silver model has a shot at almost the same exact angle. So, being obsessed like I am, here’s my initial analysis (and comparison photo):

As always, I’ll be updating my checklist with these new models.

Source: Metal Earth